Lasagna… it’s what’s for dinner

It was one of those old-fashioned, summer weekends, which consists of being lazy, waking up to go for a run, and then being lazy again.

In my defense, I wasn’t the only one who didn’t feel like getting out of bed…

(Yes, our cat has a double-paw, which resembles a huge thumb.  We try to keep it low-key around here, as he is rather self-conscious about it).

I shall blame my lack of weekend photos and blogging
inspiration on my novel. Well, maybe I should more accurately call it my future
novel. Right now, it’s pages of scribble… and countless thoughts and ideas
swirling through my mind like a run-away tornado.

Hence, my frizzy hair.

Anyway, if you’ve ever tried working on a novel before, you know that it’s half an hour of lightening speed typing… followed by two hours of twiddling your thumbs.  So, yes, it’s very time-consuming work and quite tough on the fingers.

It’s also all about quirks, inspirations, and occasionally banging your head against the keyboard.

Sometimes, when I feel like shaking it up, I even lie on the floor and stair up at the ceiling… or sky.

Nate reminds me that we have a couch. I assure him that I can think so much better when I’m reclining on the carpet.  Plus I think it’s comfortable.

He has learned not to ask questions.  😉

Oh, and you know what else inspires me?


It takes 20 minutes of prep… and then there are 50 minutes of glorious waiting. While the cheese slowly melts and the sauce begins to bubble around the pasta and roasted veggies, I have nearly an hour to write. To think. To daydream.

It’s like the meal was invented for authors who need just a bit more time to spend on their novel.  And I can’t help but wonder if anyone — other than Garfield — has ever considered dedicating their work of fiction to an Italian entrée?

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4 Responses to Lasagna… it’s what’s for dinner

  1. Aw your cat is so cute with his double paw! Do they smell like popcorn? My old cat’s used to! And mmm lasagne, my favourite!

  2. OMG that paw is crazy! I`ve never seen that before!

  3. allieksmith says:

    Aww I’m LOVIN that “thumb” soo cute 🙂 i’m also lovin that lasanga !!! 😉 😉 YUM!

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