Portland Trip Recap… it’s coming, I promise!

So I feel awful about leaving you all hanging in anticipation, as I know how eager you are to hear about my Portland trip!  😉


I’m going to have to hold off posting it until Sunday.

You might remember that I’m the maid of honor in my best friend’s wedding?  Well, her bachelorette party is tomorrow.  And I’m running around like a blind-folded chicken.  (So much less gruesome than running around like a chicken with no head, don’t you think?).

There is just so much to do, and organize, and bake that I can’t quite think straight.  And I could probably whip out a super-fast post, but I don’t want to rush through it.  Soooo, I’ve decided to push off the post until Sunday, when I can actually spend a bit of time on it.

I know that my blogging has been very sporadic lately, and I think you all for sticking with me despite that.  🙂  After this bachelorette party is over, I’ll have completed the largest requirements that come with being a maid of honor. So things should actually go back to normal.  If things were normal before.  😉

Soooo, I wish you all a happy weekend… and I’ll ‘see’ you on Sunday!

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5 Responses to Portland Trip Recap… it’s coming, I promise!

  1. Can’t wait to read all about it!

    And can’t wait for the bachelorette…it will be FUN! 😀

  2. sarahnsh says:

    Have fun with the bachelorette party! And eat some great food in Portland and try out some new and interesting stuff while you are out on your trip.

  3. I definitely prefer the image of a blind folded chicken…Have a great weekend…look forward to your post on Sun!

  4. Have fun at the party, girl! I’m off to a bridesmaids luncheon myself. 🙂

  5. Jess says:

    have a blast!!

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