Hello, Portland. It’s me, Nicole. — Part 2

Somewhere around the time that my GPS told me to take a right — while I was driving over a bridge — I wondered if flying to a strange city for a business trip had been such a great idea.

Apparently, my GPS was slightly lost as well.

And I may have felt a slight moment of panic as I imagined myself stuck in Portland, Oregon forever… unable to find my way back to the airport.  It’s not that Portland didn’t look promising.  But still, I did have family, friends, and two very fuzzy cats back home in New England who I would miss.

So for a moment, I considered bypassing Portland and just driving straight to my hotel in the city of Lake Oswego.

But then, I reminded myself that this might be my only chance to see Portland.  So the risk of getting lost there forever was worth it.  😉

In a few ways, Portland reminded me of Boston.  This brick building could definitely be transported to Boston and would fit right in.

And the Pioneer Place reminded me of Boston’s Prudential Center… also a fun place to go window shopping.  (Although I loved the addition of potted plants and the window ceiling in the Pioneer Place.  It made the ‘mall’ feel fresh and airy).

I even found a Ben and Jerry’s icecream shop!!  I fought the temptation to go in for an icecream, since I can have that icecream all the time back home in New England.  Still, it’s SO good!  🙂

Of course, I also came across sites unique to Portland.

Like Powell’s Bookstore…

It’s so big that they give you a map when you walk in.  Yeah, my kind of place.

I also found the prettiest Whole Foods ever known to mankind.  Or, well, at least known to me.  It was like Whole Foods heaven.  In fact, the peaches were so fresh, they practically shouted at me when I walked by.  So, yes, I had to buy one, and — wow — was it juicy… and sweet… and SO perfect!

In my travels, I also came across Sur La Table, which was a cute kitchen store.  Another weakness of mine.  (Pretty much any store that ultimately has to do with food is A-okay in my book).  😉

So the cafe’s, restaurants, and gelato shops I walked by made me quite happy.

After awhile, my fear of getting lost subsided as everything seemed pretty close by.  So I was able to relax and just enjoy the fresh air and new sites.

But after much exploring, I began to feel tired and decided to head over to Lake Oswego to get some dinner and settle into the hotel.

Bye, Portland.

Thank you for letting me visit on this whirlwind trip.

Maybe I’ll be back someday…

But now, it was time to drive to Lake Oswego, Oregon!  🙂

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8 Responses to Hello, Portland. It’s me, Nicole. — Part 2

  1. Gorgeous, gorgeous pictures! I am uber jealous. 😀

    And you have you me excited about peaches now. I think we need to go peach picking. 😀

  2. Sounds fun – ice cream, shops and books you can’t go wrong!

  3. allieksmith says:

    Aww Portland sounds absolutely awesome! I can’t believe that have a big book store that you need a map for.. SO cool!!

  4. Hey girl! Looks like you had great weather…and a fab trip! Beautiful pics! Would love mine to look like yours one day…….love your blog!

  5. If you love Whole Foods [as much as I do], you would absolutely fall in love with the one in Annapolis, Maryland. You would probably want to camp out on the floor and never leave. (Yes, I have had the thought myself). Plus, Annapolis is beautiful – we’re right on the Chesapeake Bay, and we’re the sailing capitol of the world. Am I trying to sell you on visiting us here in Maryland? Yes, maybe I am. 🙂

  6. I ❤ Sur la Table. Great store. I could spend hours there.

    I've heard that Portland is a really nice city! I would definitely have taken advantage of the sightseeing if I were on a business trip.

  7. i still haven’t been to portland!!! Glad you have fun…looks gorgeous this time of year! And I hope you figure out what’s going on with your stomach!

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