When You’re Sick… and it’s not the flu

So aside from traveling and preparing for best friend bachelorette parties, I’ve been pretty busy running to and from doctor’s appointments.

Yeah, the stomach still isn’t behaving.

And while I’m trying to not think too much about it, I’d be lying if I said that I wasn’t kind of worried.  It’s kind of hard not to be somewhat concerned.  The internet is always within reach and it’s an endless source of ridiculously scary medical articles.  (Note to self, never check out symptoms online again.  Ever).  And then someone at work managed to freak me out by mentioning what they thought might be wrong.  (Really, why do some people feel the need to tell you what’s on their mind, especially when it’s based on a telephone conversation they heard you have with your doctor?).

Sorry, just had to get that vent out.  😉

Anyway, on my travels to Oregon, I found that there’s something calming about sitting in a hotel room by yourself.  For me, it was a great opportunity to just be quiet, pray, and read some great Bible verses.  Talk about uplifting!

And there’s something freeing when you realize that you do have a constant in your life, when everything else feels kind of shaky.

Thank goodness for God’s peace and strength… and the knowledge that He’ll walk through every day with me and always be there when I need someone to talk to.

I’d  like to say that He and I have very calm ‘conversations’.  But usually it’s me gushing a mile a minute about what I’m afraid might happen… and Him reminding me that worrying never did anything for me and that He’s brought me through every other circumstance before.

And although I’m still a work in progress, I’m happy to report that I’ve been feeling quite calm, confident, and strong despite the fact that I’m sick… and I don’t yet know why.  Sure, it’s scary.  But when you stop focusing on what’s wrong and set your eyes on what can’t be shaken, you find a peace that survives anything.

Hopefully the doctor’s will get it figured out soon… and here’s to hoping it’s nothing serious.  I have a CAT scan scheduled for next week, more lab tests scheduled for tomorrow, and an endoscopy scheduled for early September.  (That’s an exciting procedure in which they stick a tube down your throat.  Thankfully, I’ll be asleep for the whole thing).

Soooo, yeah, this has been an interesting two months, as I’m a worrier by nature.  Just between you and me, at the beginning of this experience, I would have loved nothing more than to lock myself in my bedroom until this was all over.  But I’m learning to take it all a step at a time… and to find strength in the One who actually does have it all figured out.

But I’ll still take your prayers, please!  🙂

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9 Responses to When You’re Sick… and it’s not the flu

  1. Homestead Ramblings says:


  2. I’m praying for you. I just had a devotion on healing and God’s power to heal this morning. He is our source of comfort and strength. How awesome is His power to heal! My time with God is also me going a mile a minute…funny how us worriers do that? 😉

    Hang in there! Brooke

  3. Hang in there, girly! You are strong. God is stronger. It’s a perfect combination.

    Praying, as always. 😀

  4. Hang in there! I’m thinking positive thoughts for you!

  5. Praying for you…I hate unresolved/unknown health issues…

  6. Definitely in prayer for you, girl! I love that God is teaching you to trust Him through this. I’m a worrier by nature too so I know how that can be. Just keep holding on to Him. 🙂

  7. Cari says:

    Hi Nicole! I’m prying for you to feel better girl! My hubs had issues an ignored them for 4 years and finally when he got it checked out and diagnosed he leads a much better life with a better stomach. You are doing the right thing of not ignoring an finding out what is wrong..no matter how scary it seems. You are brave!!!

  8. jelillie says:

    As always Nicole I am lifting you up in prayer. Jehovah Rapha is on your side!
    Pastor J

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