Help Me… I Can’t Find My Kitchen

Some of you have asked why I’m not doing recipe or cooking posts anymore.


I’m not cooking anymore.

I hired a maid.  She’s great and serves me Eggs Benedict every morning and the finest cuts of beef for dinner.  It’s delicious.

And then I wake up.  😉

So the real reason why I haven’t been cooking?

Life.  Hot summer days.  Busy schedules.

It’s actually not unusual for me to fall into a summer slump where cooking is involved.  I’m excited about salads, and wraps, and smoothies for about two weeks… and then I realize that I want to bake. I want to take a perfectly browned pie out of the oven or to roast some vegetables until they’re crispy.  To feel warm bread dough in my fingers as I knead it patiently.

To stir a simmering stew before ladling it into bowls or to watch football with the hubby while a casserole bubbles in the oven.

What can I say?  I’m a summer-loving-gal, but where cooking is concerned, I actually kind of like the cooler weather foods.  The foods that come with autumn.  Maybe even winter?


Remind me of this post when I’m shivering this winter and declaring my hate for the blistery season.  😉

Don’t get me wrong, I’m officially in love with the fresh veggies I’m finding at local farmstands.  And dinner last night was the most amazing, fresh salad topped with BBQ chicken, black beans, corn, and chopped tomatoes.  Delicious and so not boring!

So I think that if we were to really evaluate this situation of mine, we’d come to the conclusion that I love eating summer foods… I just don’t enjoy preparing them as much.

When it comes right down to it, I just love cooler-weather cooking.

So, yes, I will be posting new recipes sometime soon.  But, no, I really haven’t been cooking that much as of late.

In fact, excuse me as I head to the kitchen to dust off my stove…

Are you a seasonal chef or do you love cooking in all seasons?

**You will be seeing some repeat recipes that may have been posted before.  I’ve just redone some favorite recipes and took some better pics.  So there will be a repeat or two along the way**  🙂 

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10 Responses to Help Me… I Can’t Find My Kitchen

  1. I think we have a lot in common. 😉 In the summer I resort to lots of pasta salad and stocking up on Costco frozen meals (ravioli, pot stickers, etc).

  2. I think I’m more of a “summer cooker.” Fresh veggies and fruits get me excited, and I want to turn them into simple, cool meals immediately.

    In the winter, my inspiration goes down just a little. Veggies in the grocery store are so incomparable to summer’s produce. And I can’t make bread for the life of me. That being said, I really AM looking forward to making big pots of chili and muffins and hot bowls of oatmeal. :mrgreen:

  3. Comfort is much more enjoyable in winter, summer is usually salad and chicken!

  4. We definitely use the oven/stove more in the cooler months and tend to grill out in the summer. Keeps the heat out of the kitchen 😉

  5. allieksmith says:

    Ahh I am glad i’m not the only one who likes cold weather food!!! I LOVE chili + corn bread 🙂

  6. last night’s supper sounds delish!

  7. jelillie says:

    I have been cooking a lot lately Nicole! Actually I picked two gallons of berries and made two mixed berry pies. I have made two zucchini breads and lots of stir fry! Maybe I am a summer cook. 🙂 Time to make jelly 🙂 🙂

    • Nicole says:

      No way!?! That’s awesome, Pastor J!!! I definitely think that you must be a summer cook! Ha, ha. And I must say that I’m impressed… I still haven’t been brave enough to make jelly. Maybe I’ll try this year though… I suppose practice makes perfect! 🙂 Happy cooking!!

  8. sarahnsh says:

    I’m the kind of cook who… never cooks. I more like to microwave frozen dinners. I can’t be trusted to cook, I don’t know what I’m doing! My mom never taught me, so I go for more simple 1-2 min. heating up stuff. 😉 I love checking out what you’ve made though!

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