And the Countdown Begins

My husband and I officially booked the cabin we’re going to stay at for our vacation in the fall.  To say that I’m excited would be an understatement.

I.  Am.  Giddy.

It’s going to be a glorious, seven-night adventure in the mountains.  Slightly rustic, yes.  But beautiful.  Relaxing.  And we’ll be together for an entire week.

Oh, and we’ll have access to a hot tub.

(Hey, I said it would be slightly rustic).  😉

I’m currently in the countdown stage of our planned get-away.  Since we generally do take our vacations in the Autumn season (so that it falls on our wedding anniversary), it’s becoming tradition for me to spend most of August and September moaning, “Is it vacation yet??”

In fact, it’s usually how I wake my husband up every morning around this time of year.

I tap him on the shoulder until he’s awake…   I whisper into his ear, “Are we on vacation yet?”  And he gives me his usual reply of, “No, not yet.”

Really, it’s a great tradition.

Eventually, I’ll have the official count-down written on our calendar.  But right now, counting down the months makes it seems so much closer.

…just wait until I start counting down the hours.  That’s when the fun real starts!

Any vacations planned in the near future or have you already taken yours this summer?

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One Response to And the Countdown Begins

  1. Yay!! I’m excited for my upcoming vacation in NH for the end of August and I’m also excited that you guys get to go on vacation too!!

    (I’m also excited to babysit two ridiculously adorable fur-babies for 7 days…it will be like owning my own house for the week, complete with two cats…haha!)

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