Video Games… they just gotta go

I often tease my husband by telling him that he tricked me…

When we were dating and first got married, he didn’t like video games.  In fact, he’d support my rants about how these games were such a waste of time.  And he assured me that he could never, ever be addicted like all of his friends were.

Yeah, right.

And I’m going to give up icecream for the rest of my life.  😉

I suppose we both have learned a thing or two from these mindless forms of entertainment.  (Yes, this blog post will be slanted and taking on a side against video games. I make no apologies).

Nate has learned that video games are down-time and should never be played when there is work to be done around the house.  Doing so results in a very agitated wife and no one wants that.

And I have learned that video-game time is a much different time than the time we recognize here in the real world.  (Kind of like football-time).  Nate will say that he’ll be ready for dinner in five minutes.  That’s video-game time.  In the real-world time, it really means twenty minutes.  So I now use video-game time by telling him that dinner will be ready in two minutes… although there is really fifteen minutes left to go.

See, we’re both learning.

There is one thing that we’re sort of struggling with in terms of agreement, however. The future-children rule.  I would like to completely get rid of the video games should we have children.  I think that kids would be better off reading, running around outside, and using their own imaginations.

Nate agrees.

He’s just struggling with the whole getting rid of the video games part.

He’s not convinced that he has to do it right away, at least.  I mean, small infants can’t be influenced to play video games.

That’s when I showed him this pic I took of our cat.  Who would have thought that video games could have brought out such an exhausted, grumpy state in him. But they did.  And so apparently, no one is safe.

And video games, in the end, really should be the ones to go.  🙂

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8 Responses to Video Games… they just gotta go

  1. Haha…Stitch is such a ham.

    I honestly can’t stand video games. They drive me up the wall, even though technically they’re not much different than plopping down and watching tv at night. But still. I think it’s the idea of them that makes me crazy. Which probably makes no sense, but I’m sticking with it…haha. 😀

  2. I played a few in my teens and at uni but I don’t have any at home for fear of the addiction. I totally agree with you that too many children sit in front of them for ages so you best strat weening him off 🙂

  3. Megan says:

    Lol. Thie post is great Nicole!

    I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with video games. As a kid I couldn’t have been more excited than when we got our Atari system (wow, I am old! Many probably have never heard of Atari! )…quickly to develop a “hate” relationship when my sister or cousins would hog the game & I couldn’t play when I wanted. The same held true when we got our Nintendo quite some time after their popularity came to the surface. While I was excited to have the system, I quickly realized while spending time with my friends that they had far more experience in beating Mario than I. Their turns would take FOREVER while I could only make it across half of a board before “dying”.

    For years after I swore off video games only to be reminded of my disdain for them as an adult with two boyfriends. They.were.obsessed. the first thing the one fella did when he got home, even before acknowledging my presence was check on his s.t.u.p.I.d. game. He lived, ate & breathed for it and this was only seven months ago!!!

    So to my future mister wherever you may be… videos games are a no-no!!!

    Oh & completely in agreement about kiddos & video games. Many kids simply don’t know how to just play because they are so obsessed with video games!

    Ok, sorry… done ranting now!

  4. BrittFit says:

    I agree with no video games…I was never addicted but watched my brother sit for hours!

  5. Homestead Ramblings says:

    Oh my, caught red-handed. I didn’t approve of video games either, and we kept our home free of them while the kids grew up. But. . . . . . .now, as I’ve got hours on end with ‘nothing’ to do, I blast away colored balls on my laptop just for some form of mind exercise. Or do crossword games. I usually try to stick with “work first” though. Usually. Sometimes. Stick with your rule, it’s a good one. Try adding no TV. (Except for football games 🙂 )

  6. Matt is a big video game junkie. There are certain games that I like more than others. I particularly hate the MMO type games where he is playing with other people because once he gets into a battle (or whatever they call it) then he has to stick with it until it’s done… otherwise it would kinda be like leaving in the middle of playing a basketball game or something.
    If he’s playing a game that he can pause and save to help me out with stuff around the house or just pay attention when I’m talking then I don’t mind it as much.

    I haven’t decided on the video game rules for kids yet. Matt seems to think that he learned a lot from playing video games and he’s insanely brilliant so who am I to argue that? …but he also played sports too, so who knows.
    I think I’d have to monitor the amount of video game use and tell my kids when they’ve been playing too much and have to shut it off. Maybe a bit of a balance between gaming and other activities will keep a kid well rounded.

  7. Any more than 1 hour per day of ANY screen time is too much. It agitates you, and isn’t good for your eyes or your brain! Technology has its good points, but it can be dangerously abused!

  8. if that’s his ONE vice…then let him have it….only in minute quantities though…if he was playing 5 hours a day then it’s a problem. You get your trashy shows he gets his game time…but the kids only have max 1/2 hour a day!

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