So apparently yesterday’s post confused everyone… including myself.

I thought it’d be fun to take a walk down memory lane once a week by initiating a Flashback Friday segment…  The only problem is, I apparently can’t count.  😉

Yesterday’s memory — of the hubby and I celebrating our three-year dating anniversary — was really only about 4 years old.  I claimed it had happened six years ago.  (In all honesty, I also told my parents, just days ago, that I was approaching my fourth wedding anniversary.  In reality, I’ll have been married three years in October).

I blame it entirely on exhaustion and on the fact that I need a vacation.

And I can only beg you to please not tell my husband about all of this, because he doesn’t seem to have any difficulty remembering how many years we’ve been together and how many years we dated before getting married.  After all, he’s a number’s guy.  I, on the other hand, graduated with a degree in English.  I’d much rather write a paper about my thoughts and feelings than try to figure out how many years we’ve officially been together.

To me, all that counts is that we’re happy.  That is all that matters, right!?!  🙂

But anyway, on future Fridays, should I continue this Flashback Friday posting, I promise to be much less confusing…

I mean, it shouldn’t be too hard.  I will just avoid anything to do with numbers or math.  🙂

Enjoy your weekend!! 

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2 Responses to 1,2,3…6?

  1. Joceline says:

    oh, too, too funny!!!

  2. sarahnsh says:

    Ha, my fiancee is the exact same when it comes to our anniversary and remembers the day we met each other, they day we officially started ‘dating’, and the day we got engaged. Me, personally, I have the better memory but he’s an I.T. guy, and I hate math, so I’ve been getting it confused. All those numbers get jumbled up in my head!

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