A Cheerful Giver

I like to be in control.  On top of things.  Organized, prepared, and ahead of schedule.

I suppose it’s only human nature, but — still — I often take it to a whole new level.

And should I feel myself falling behind or losing my organizational touch, I get stressed.  Maybe a tad bit flustered… and grumpy… and frizzy.  (Because being stressed totally has an affect on my hair).

So this week is a challenge for me to say the least.  A challenge to not only work with excellence but to also do it with a happy heart.  Because I’m pretty sure that I’ll get everything done that I need to.  But doing it with a joyful spirit is going to take some effort.  😉

Just last night, I was whirling around the kitchen, preparing dinner for me and the hubby while preparing dinner for a friend who just had a baby.  And while I’m thrilled at being able to help my friend, my attitude was a bit lacking.

I was focused on me.  On how busy I was and how I really just wanted to drop everything and take a hot bath instead.  Or at least go for a run, since I have a maid-of-honor dress to fit into on Friday.  (Oh, that reminds me, I also have to memorize the reception speech… and pack for this weekend…  and pick up the dry-cleaners… and get a hair-cut… and buy a wedding card…).


And I may have grumbled just a bit as I informed my husband that he has no idea what we woman go through… and how unselfish and gracious we have to be.  And how exhausting it really is at times to be so nice and pleasant and helpful.

Nate knew that I was just venting and reacting to a very difficult day.  He also knew better than to say anything…

Smart man!  😉

But last night, as I was lying in bed and thinking back to my day, I realized that my actions may have been honorable… but my attitude wasn’t.  There I was making dinner for a friend, but I was too focused on me to find the joy in that.

Now granted, we all need some down time and rest.  Once in awhile, a bit of me-time is healthy.  Yet it’s also important to be able to find the joy in helping others.  To be able to let go of everything else and focus on the people who need help around us.

Not always easy to do, but definitely worth it!

So this morning, as I fixed my hubby his lunch, I put a bit more love and joy into it… or, well, at least two extra chocolate chip cookies.  And I think we were both extra happy because of it.  🙂

And now I’m running downstairs to finish the prep for my friend’s dinner tonight.  And you know what?  I really am happy that I could do this for her.  So happy, in fact, that I don’t care that my hair is still a tad bit frizzy from last night’s stress.  Because when I walk into her house with some homemade mac’n cheese, butternut squash, and chocolate chip cookies, I don’t think she’ll care about my hair.  🙂

She’ll just be happy that someone took the time to care.

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4 Responses to A Cheerful Giver

  1. I really love this post. I often feel similarly…I always feel SO strapped for time and find myself signing up for things that I don’t necessarily have time for (or so I think). But I agree that it is so important to find joy in these small things! I’m sure your friend so appreciated it!

  2. jelillie says:

    A-men! And what you give shall be pressed down, shaken together, and flowing over and given back!

  3. sarahnsh says:

    I never really thought I was a perfectionist until I finally realized that I do like being in control, having things go ‘my’ way, and doing things a certain way. There is definitely a difference of doing something when you’re in a happy mood, and doing it, but being so stressed out that you can’t get out of your head to enjoy it. Mmmm, and extra cookies always are my call to happiness for a rough day! 😉

  4. Well said and lets face it chocolate chip cookies are the key to happiness every time! Good on you for helping out!

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