So I had a few doctor’s appointments this week, on top of work, and so most evenings, I came home feeling exhausted… and lazy.  I’m usually on the move all day, and I’m generally fine with that. I like being busy.

But for some reason, it all hit me this week, and I realized that my body just wanted me to slow down.

So for three nights in a row, I ate dinner in front of the television with the hubby.  It’s not a habit that I want to get used to, but — this week — it felt really nice.  I’m talking about an I-can-feel-the-exhaustion-melting-off-my-body kind of nice.  You know, right up there with bubble baths and crawling into a bed fitted with clean sheets.

And because I was the ‘victim’ of doctor’s proddings and pokings all week, Nate let me pick out what we watched on TV.  Which is a dangerous thing.  Because I have no mercy when it’s my turn to choose.

So naturally, I picked Chopped from the Food Network.  It’s my favorite show, as I’ve said before.  The concept of the show is that four chefs are chosen to create an appetizer in fifteen minutes out of some mystery ingredients given to them in a basket.   (And the ingredients never go together and seem impossible to use).  Whoever makes it past the first round, gets to create an entrée…. and then the winners from that round make a dessert.  And the winner receives $10,000!

But for the first episode, Nate couldn’t help but groan a bit.  He asked me how in the world I could stand to watch chefs cooking.  I mean, a cooking competition is so boring.  There aren’t even any fumbles or tackles.

“No, this show really gets intense,” I argued.  “Sometimes, the chefs aren’t done their food on time.  And you can’t help but cheer them on.”

Nate kind of gave me the look that says, ‘I’m watching this because I love you. Nothing more.’

But last night, as we settled down on the couch to relax, I noticed that he turned on Chopped before I even asked him to.

And then, he was soon pounding his fist into the couch exclaiming, “Hurry up and get that in the oven.  Put it in the oven!!  Your time is running out.  Wow, this show is SO stressful!”

So while he’d probably never admit it, I think my hubby just might be a secret Chopped fan.  And you can be sure that I’ll never complain about that.  Because I’m pretty sure that a family that watches Chopped together, stays together.  🙂

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5 Responses to Chopped

  1. Allie says:

    Awe I hope you feel less exhausted soon!! Chopped is such a great show :$

  2. Glad that you are listening to your body and relaxing a bit!

  3. jelillie says:

    Chopped and the Patriots. I think some of those chefs are just as tough as the linebackers!

  4. LKD says:

    My new thing is watching Ace of Cakes and Chopped while Sarge makes music in ‘the office.’ 🙂

  5. Hehehe! So cute that Nate is a closet Chopped fan. 😉 I love when I get Christopher into a show that I love, haha!

    Though hey, I’m sorry things have been so stressful for you lately. I hope you have caught up on rest (physically and mentally) and are in a better place after a few relaxing nights. 🙂

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