Blogger Award

Olivia from A Year in the Life nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award, which was so crazy nice of her!!!   🙂

Thank you SO MUCH, Olivia, for thinking about me and for showing some bloggy love!  And to you, readers, if you haven’t checked out her blog yet, then you really should.  She’s an amazing photographer, and I’m constantly amazed at the way she captures scenery, flowers, and even food.

So since I accepted the award, I must do several things:

#1.  Thank Olivia.  Which I did, of course!!  🙂

#2.  Copy the Versatile Blogger picture.  Check!

#3.  Nominate 15 other blogs.  Hmmm, this is always the hardest part for me, because I read a ton of blogs on a regular basis and I think that each one is beautiful, unique, and special.  Sooo, I’m going to pass on this, just for this once.  (Which means that you all have to comment and tell me something about yourself that I might not know).

Because the next requirement is to…

#4.  Write 7 things you don’t know about me…  So here goes!

1.  I play piano, flute, and am currently teaching myself how to play guitar. Yeah, I’m kind of a music geek.  🙂

2.  Back in the day, when it came time for college, I decided to spread my wings a little and so I chose a college in Florida.  I couldn’t have picked an environment that was more different than the New England home I was used to.  And it was really scary at first.  But it also was the experience of a life-time… and gave me the chance to hug my first palm tree.  😉

3.  You may have guessed this already, but I have absolutely no problem with laughing at myself… in a good way, of course!  The way I see it is if something funny happens to me — even if it’s slightly embarrassing — it’s worth sharing.  Because we all like to laugh!  And I LOVE telling stories, so the minute something hilarious happens to me, I’m all about calling my family or writing a blog post so that people can laugh along with me.

4.  When I was sixteen, I had an eating disorder.  I was never diagnosed with anorexia, but I came a little too close. I’ve yet to write about it on my blog, but I’ve been asked several times to share my story. So I will sometime soon… 🙂

5.  My absolute favorite TV show, past or present, is Everybody Loves Raymond.  I laugh so hard when I watch it, I practically cry.  It’s also the only ab workout I’ll ever put my body through.

6.  I LOVE getting my hair and makeup done.  I LOVE dressing up.  But if there’s a pick-up game of football being put together by friends, I’m suddenly all about a t-shirt, jeans, and sneakers.  Yeah, I’ve got a tomboy side, and I play to win!

(This is a pic from my best friend’s weekend that took place a few weeks ago. I was her maid of honor).

7.  And… I know you all already know this but…




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2 Responses to Blogger Award

  1. livvy30 says:

    Enjoy your vacation!!!!! 🙂

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