October Vacay — It’s all about the climb

Yesterday was our last day in New Hampshire… and the sun decided to make an appearance.

So Nate and I took advantage of the sunshine by hiking East Osceola.  It’s a 4,156 foot mountain with a challenging — yet do-able — climb and spectacular views at the summit.

I was really excited to get out there, because it’s been years since I hiked a 4,000 footer in New Hampshire.  I’d forgotten how much I loved the feel of the leaves crunching under my feet… the smell of the pine needles… the challenge… and the ability to go out with no makeup and just a hair scrunchy as an accessory.  😉

What can I say?  It’s all about the simple moments!

It was brisk when we took off in the morning…

but by the time we had climbed about half-way, I noticed that I was beginning to sweat a bit.  So the sweatshirts came off….  We took a quick sip of water…  And it was time to pick up the pace again.

I have to admit that I had been worried that we’d huff and puff our way up since we haven’t climbed anything this summer. But we did ourselves proud and kept up a great pace.  YAY for team B!!

Anyway, as we climbed higher into the treeline, I noticed that the wind was picking up, the temps were dropping, and I was beginning to see my breath.  So the sweatshirts quickly came back on.

When we had hiked just a bit further, we came across some icicles hanging off of rocks.  I was all like “Awww, that’s so neat.  Icicles in October!”

But…. then the icicles turned into ice covered rocks, which turned our casual hike into a bit of an adventure.  We were just wearing sneakers, and the path became incredibly slick.  (That and our hands had become numb from the cold).

Note to self, next time you hike in October, bring gloves.  😉

Well, after Nate had wiped out twice in his attempt to go first and find the safest way on the trail, we made it across the ice… and up to the summit.

And with views like this, it was SO worth every step!

It doesn’t matter how many times I’ve climbed one of New Hampshire’s 4,000 footers…

I’m still always in awe.  And I still have such a feeling of accomplishment when I step onto the summit and realize that I did it!

And for the first time, my hubby and I did it together.  SUCH a great feeling!

SUCH a great vacation!  🙂

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6 Responses to October Vacay — It’s all about the climb

  1. YAY! This post made me so excited about my own upcoming hike on Sunday. Can’t wait! Although I hope there’s less ice than what you guys had to face…that’s crazy!

    And, once again, loving your outfit. Even your HIKING outfits are adorable…haha.

  2. (p.s. the cats miss you, but I’ve been giving them plenty of cuddle and play sessions to tide them over until you return. 😉 )

  3. allieksmith says:

    Awww, hiking is so muchh fun!!!

  4. Tracy's Treats says:

    NH is beautiful! I went once during the summer and I loved it!

  5. Man…now I want to go on a hike again before it gets colder here in Colorado!

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