And then comes paint

I had thought that signing my name on that perfectly straight, razor-thin line was going to be the hard part.

One quick movement of the pen and it was over.


One small panic attack later, we were sliding a key into the front door.  Our front door.  (Well, ours and the bank’s front door).  And we were standing on a beige rug, surrounded by clean, white walls and emptiness just begging to be filled with our furniture.

It was our American dream coming true.

A year and a half later, I’m discovering that signing your name is just the beginning.  And between you and me, it’s nothing compared to the panic, desperation, and sheer frustration that can arise when one is shopping for curtains.  Sometimes, I can’t help but think that curtains should come with some kind of warning.

Might be dangerous to your health…. and to the health of your husband and mother.  Please shop with patience. 

Thank goodness that part is over, other than having to buy some for the kitchen and bedroom.  😉

Now we’re onto bigger and better things… Paint.

I honestly had thought that it would be as simple as opening a paint can, stirring it up a bit, and then coating that white wall with some cheerful, country colors.

But when Nate and I set down the paint can in the bathroom, I noticed how chipped the bathroom vanity was. And painting around it just seemed so pointless, since the nice color would just clash with all that chipped wood.  So — obviously — the vanity had to come down.

Buying a new mirror, however, brought attention to the rusted, gaudy gold light fixtures.  Which means they have to come down too… and we have to save up for a new light.  Obviously.

So really, painting a room is like buying a new pair of shoes to go with your outfit… and then realizing that those shoes make your entire outfit look old.  So now you’re shopping for a new outfit to go with your new shoes, which you originally bought to go with a perfectly fine outfit you owned to begin with.

Say that even once fast… 

More experienced home-owners are saying, “Welcome to the club.”  There’s always something to do. Always a project that’s a bit bigger than you expected. Constantly something that looks old, just because you decided to make something else look new.

And it all starts with simply signing your name…

And really, somehow — in all the craziness and confusion — it really is a ton of fun.  🙂

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4 Responses to And then comes paint

  1. What a great post! This is all so incredibly true. We “finished” our house last summer, but in reality, there will always be another project. There will always be a light fixture that we didn’t notice was outdated. There will always be something to do. But like you said… it really is a ton of fun. 🙂

  2. I hear a lot of stories about curtain trouble 🙂 It must get annoying always having a project but also rewarding to make yourself a home.

  3. jelillie says:

    It is fun Nic! Just relax into the never ending stream of home ownership and float down the river knowing the next project will still be there in the morning. That’s much easier than constantly trying to swim upstream thinking “It’s all got to be done before I go to bed tonight” 😉

  4. Are you sure it is fun? lol I moved to my new house in Feb and still have no curtains! (I do have blinds for privacy)

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