What a weekend…

Well, this past weekend was… interesting.

Spent all day Saturday in the Emergency Room with the hubby, mostly passing the time by watching Sponge Bob and The Food Network on a hospital room TV(I’m sure you can guess which television show belonged to which person).  😉

It really started Thursday night when I started to feel a strange fluttering in my chest, as though my heart had skipped a beat and then jumped to fast-forward for a couple of seconds.  It took my breath away each time and happened at least every fifteen minutes.

I chose to ignore it, despite the fact that I had the same sensation all day Friday.

But Saturday morning, I not only had that sensation but I was also having a hard time breathing.  I just walked downstairs and my heart raced as though I had run a mile.  I walked right back upstairs and told my hubby that we had to go to the Emergency Room.

Once there, I was immediately hooked up to an EKG and a heart monitor.  There were stickers all over my body with wires running my stats up to the beeping monitor by my bed.  That’s when panic really set in.

I hadn’t shaved my legs.

Sigh.  Talk about humiliation.

Okay, so maybe — in the grand scheme of things — that was kind of silly to be embarrassed about.  But still, a girl has her pride.  🙂

Anyway, long story short, the doctor in the ER did a series of tests and took a ton of blood to see if they could find out what was causing my fever (which I didn’t know I had), my breathing problems, and my heart fluttering.

Which — drum roll please — came back with a positive result for a serious urinary tract infection.

A whopper of an infection, according to the doctor.  In fact, she called it a ‘whopper’ three times, so I’m guessing it’s pretty severe.  That and the fact that I have to take 12 days worth of antibiotics… when usually, a young woman with an infection usually gets about 4 days worth.

The crazy thing is that I was tested for a UTI back when I first started having nausea and stomach issues in June.  And that came back negative.  But now, it’s looking as though all my health issues this summer were because I had an untreated UTI that was just getting worse.  (Yeah, I’m not too happy with my doctor right now, since I might not have had to go through the endoscopy, CAT scan, ultrasound, and other tests had they actually found the UTI).

As for my heart skipping and racing, they’re not 100% sure that it’s due to the infection, but we’re hoping so!  I might have to wear a heart monitor next week so that they can keep an eye on it.  But I’m definitely praying that the antibiotics I’m taking takes care of absolutely everything, including my heart issues.

Well, that was my weekend.  Ha, ha.

How was yours??

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20 Responses to What a weekend…

  1. allieksmith says:

    Oh jeez! That is scary! I am so glad you at least found out the problem 🙂

    I hear cranberry juice helps UTI’s !

  2. sarahnsh says:

    I’m so sorry that happened to you, that’s terrible! UTI’s are just awful, my guy has gotten them before and he was just miserable… and this wasn’t even with a ‘whopper’ one either. Just be sure to take it easy and to take care of yourself! I’m hoping you will be feeling better soon.

  3. Oh no!! I’m so sorry–I just got over a UTI (not as bad as yours, though) a couple weeks ago. 😦 Sad day. Don’t forget to eat lots of yogurt and take some acidophilus–those antibiotics wreak havoc on your digestive system and can also make you prone to a yeast infection (I’ve been there too). 😦 I’ll be praying for you.

  4. Oh girl! That’s awful!! I’m so glad you know what’s going on with the UTI, though. And hopefully the heart stuff isn’t related to anything else.

  5. Homestead Ramblings says:

    Glad that you’ve found the culprit! But sorry you had to jump through all the hoops AND then spend time in the ER. Those heart palpitations are not so much to worry about. Sometimes too much caffeine, stress, or even hormones can make you fluttery. And sometimes they never can figure it out, but it’s not a big deal. Just feels weird, doesn’t it?

  6. Meg says:

    Wow, that is scary. Be gentle on yourself this week! You’ll be in my thoughts. xo

    p.s. cranberry juice can help, but you’d have to drink a TON of the unsweetened (read: 100x more sour than lemon juice) stuff. However, you can get cranberry concentrate capsules in the vitamin section at the store.

  7. Oh no, you poor thing! I hope you feel better soon!

  8. That is just awful!!! Hang in there! I’m assisting with the making of a chicken soup tonight for tomorrow’s dinner (mom’s in charge, of course!)…let me know if you want some, and I’ll drop it off. Or anything else for that matter!

  9. Wow, that really sucks.
    I don’t know anything about UTIs but hopefully all your antibiotics take care of it and hopefully the heartbeat thing isn’t something more serious.

  10. livvy30 says:

    Hope you feel better soon! Take care of yourself. 🙂

  11. OH my goodness! I hope everything is OK! That is definitely quite the infection! And as for the shaved legs, as a swimmer we were never allowed to shave so I don’t think you’re disgusting at all! 🙂

  12. Brittany says:

    Oh my gosh I am SO sorry to hear that!!! That is super scary thankfully you went to the hospital! Sorry you spent your weekend that way, but I’m glad you’re okay!

  13. Tracy's Treats says:

    Oh my goodness. I’m glad you’re OK! That is some scary stuff!

  14. Ugh this is so scary and frustrating. I’m so glad to hear you’re ok!
    Last February, I was rushed to the hospital because I woke up feeling sick, sweaty, and all around miserable—and then I blacked out. Like, collapsed on my bathroom floor and was unconscious for several seconds blacked out. They ran a whole slew of tests and, like you, I was embarrassed that my legs weren’t shaved and I wasn’t wearing a bra. The important stuff, right? ; )

  15. I’m so sorry you’ve been ill. But what a blessing to realize what it is. And hopefully all problems will leave you with these drugs. Take care of yourself! I’ll be praying for you!

    xoxo, Brooke

  16. Oh no! I’m sorry to hear that 😦 I hope you’re feeling better now. I’m glad you were able to find out what was wrong!

  17. Tien says:

    I had UTI before and it was horrible! I hope you get well soon Nicole!

  18. Geeze that is scary! I’m glad they figured out the problem though! Hope you feel better!

  19. holy sh*t. glad you are okay lady!

  20. justmarriedgirl says:

    You poor thing! I am so glad that you finally know what’s happening and that you get the rest and TLC you need. It sounds to me like you need ice cream (or something equally sweet and wonderful) STAT.

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