Where did I put those lemons?

The combination of being on strong antibiotics and feeling so exhausted from fighting this UTI clearly isn’t good for my brain.  Because I left my memory somewhere and can’t find it.

I suppose that’s why the doctor keeps telling me that I should be resting.  It’s not even so much that I need the extra sleep (although extra sleep would be amazing).  It’s just that should I go too many places in the course of a day, I might forget where I put myself.

Take Tuesday for example…

I found myself in the middle of the grocery store with a shopping cart full of goodies that called out to me as I passed them.  Bananas… soy milk…  oranges… butternut squash…and icecream sandwiches.  Because really, everyone knows that icecream sandwiches can cure what ails you.

But I couldn’t — for the life of me — remember why I had gone to the grocery store in the first place.  It took some serious thought, deliberation, and walking up and down aisles for me to remember that I was there to pick up Naan flatbreads and pizza fixings for an easy dinner.

Yet somehow, remembering that wasn’t enough to save me, because I still managed to grab spaghetti sauce instead of pizza sauce.  So dinner that night was interesting.

Once home, I skipped upstairs, informing my husband that I was going to clean the bathroom and then relax for the night.  I had just enough energy for that one chore and I had to it before I lost my resolve.  A half an hour later, I came downstairs, bathroom still not cleaned… and completely forgotten.

I’m also pretty sure that I’m responsible for the jam being found in the freezer.


But you know how the saying goes!  If  life gives you lemons, just make lemonade!

Then again, my problem is this.  Where did I put those lemons again?

Are you ever super forgetful?  Do you get frustrated or can you laugh at yourself?

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7 Responses to Where did I put those lemons?

  1. Jayneyrambles says:

    Shouldn’t jam be kept in the fridge anyway? I have no idea, but that’s where mine is right now.
    When life gives you lemons, sit back and watch the world wonder how you came up with grape juice!
    P.S I blog a bit: http://midlifemary.wordpress.com/

  2. Meg says:

    Hah, you DO need to slow down my dear! But don’t worry, sometimes I think I’d forget my head if it weren’t attached! I definitely get frustrated at times because I feel so incompetent! Making lists and putting reminders on the calendar on my phone helps. And sleep always helps. 🙂

  3. I’ve been so forgetful lately too. Must be the weather (I seem to be blaming the weather a lot lately, don’t I?)

    Hope you can get some much needed rest soon!! And hope you’re feeling a ton better too. 😀

  4. sarahnsh says:

    I have a really awesome memory except when it comes to groceries. I always seem to forget about something and then regret it once I’m driving away. I hope you get to feeling better and try to take it easy too!

  5. Oh girl, I hear ya. If I don’t write it down, it doesn’t happen. 😉 I am super forgetful!

  6. justmarriedgirl says:

    I get the same way when I am tired/stressed. For instance, the day of my rehearsal dinner, I almost left the house holding the remote control, and nothing else. No purse, no keys, no phone. I was in the process of closing the locked door behind me when I realized what I was doing.

    I hope you get lots of rest this coming weekend!!!

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