Not Afraid to Try

Life is all about choices.  Decisions.

And while you can’t control everything that comes at you and how it will turn out, you can choose to hide from a situation or to embrace the unknown.  You can choose to take the easy road or to step out and take a risk.

To tiptoe along the edge or to jump in.

To explore the unfamiliar or to stay where it’s safe.

To watch from the sidelines or to be a part of the action.  And the fun.

Which is why I volunteered to be a part of my church’s Halloween / Harvest Party outreach over the weekend.  Dress up like an explorer?  Hand out candy and do something for the kids in the community?

Not something I’ve done before.

But just call me Nicola the Explora…  😉

I’m realizing more and more that life really is about the simple moments.  But that sometimes, you can miss out on some amazing experiences, just because it was easier — and safer — to say ‘no thanks’.

I think it all comes down to this…  You don’t have to seek out the crazy and unfamiliar to live a fulfilling life.  I mean, I can promise you now that you’ll never see me go bungee jumping.  😉  And I highly doubt I’ll ever have a desire to see a lion in the wild, when I can see a perfectly live one in the zoo.

But if there’s something you really want to do and you’re letting fear stop you, then don’t.

Because you have one life to live.  Make it count.

Each and every day is a blessing.  Be thankful, live each moment to the fullest, laugh often, follow your heart, take a risk or two, and sometimes… be a little silly.

After all, you’re never too old to dress up.  And you’re most definitely never too old to see your dreams come true.  🙂

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8 Responses to Not Afraid to Try

  1. THANK YOU for this post. I need to print this out and paste it on my wall. You’re right. Sometimes it’s okay (*important*) to jump out and take a risk.

    Oh. And your outfit? LOVE it! Especially with Highstreet as your little side kick. 😀

    (p.s. Stitch finally ventured out…what a brave little guy. 😀 )

  2. jelillie says:

    Great post Nicola! 🙂

  3. Great words for today. I needed to hear this…more than you know! Have a good one!

  4. sarahnsh says:

    This is such a great post and I love it. Your outfit is too cute and I think that Nicola the Explorer was a big hit! 😉 I’d love to do some really adventurous things, I just haven’t done them yet but I have them on a list to do. You’re definitely never too old to dream for things.

  5. Great post! I totally agree!

  6. Great post. So true. You only get one chance at this life. LIVE IT!

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