Dear Department-Store Christmas Catalogue:

I must say that you’re looking particularly inviting and sparkly this year.  It took me extra long to flip through you from cover to cover.  And once I was through, I was sure that I had to flip through each page once more… and was equally as sure that I needed every single item pictured there.

And for a moment — just for a moment — I was a bit sad that I couldn’t have it all.  That I live by a budget.  That the shiny, new products you offered wouldn’t all fit under the Christmas tree.

But then I realized that I might not have beautiful paintings and mirrors hanging on my walls, but I do have walls to a nice home that help keep me warm and safe.  And I might not have those adorable, fuzzy slippers with the shiny ribbon; but I do have thick socks to slip into after a long day at work.  I have a perfectly fine winter coat, a cute purse, and a hair straightener that all work just fine.  I really don’t need two of everything.  Nor do I need a dish set for every single season, holiday, and weather pattern.

And you know what?  You might still be fun to look through.  But I realize now that I really already have everything I need to celebrate a very merry Christmas this year.  So I’m sorry, but I will not be ordering anything from you at this time

You do serve very nicely as a coaster, however.  So thank you for that.



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4 Responses to Dear Department-Store Christmas Catalogue:

  1. Haha! This is great…:) I love your ending.

  2. Love this! This is a great reminder that we don’t hear enough during the holiday season. we are so cluttered with Christmas advertising of what we suddenly *need* that it is easy to forget that we really do have everything!

  3. sarahnsh says:

    This is great, I’ve felt that way with the Holidays coming around the corner and all of those Christmas commercials coming on too. It’s hard to look at what you have and say you don’t ‘need’ any more when all of that sparkles at you, but in the end it’s better if it stays in that catalog.

  4. So precious. Seriously. Nicole, I love you and your sweet, honest words. 🙂

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