Egg Nog, Girls, And Ashton Kutcher

Nate and I are at the supermarket, walking through the frozen foods section, when he spots the eggnog not far away.  Obviously, this means he needs to grab a carton, so I follow him as he makes his way to that side of the market.

He bends down to grab a carton, just as a small cluster of teenage girls walk by.  I’m guessing their ages to be sixteen going on twenty-six.

Anyway, Nate is fully bent over at this point, and one of the girls — giggling — points to his behind and says, “I want some of that!”

Nate — over-hearing her — smiles politely, moves aside, and motions that she can grab some eggnog too.  Because obviously, that’s what she wanted.

I, meanwhile, am trying to roll my eyes at him while glare at them, all at the same time.  It’s no easy task.

In that moment, his cluelessness drove me absolutely bonkers.  And the only reason why I didn’t make a scene was because I couldn’t figure out who I wanted to chase around the supermarket more…  Those obnoxious girls or my clueless hubby.

Silly situation?  Yes.

Still, it left me feeling a little insecure as I thought of my husband not responding to flirtations the way I thought he should.  (You know, he should respond with a heroic wave of his hand and a speech that runs along the lines of, “Be off with you, Women, for I have a fair maiden at home who I adoreth and loveth.  And my heart would never wandereth.”).

Nate didn’t say that, of course, due to the his being completely oblivious to what had just  happened.  Not that he would talk like that anyway.  But when I did tell him all about it, he assured me that I am his fair maiden.  And really, I had known that all along.  I just needed to hear it from him.

Then again, Nate isn’t immune to silly situations either.

I startled him a bit by announcing that I had dreamed I went on a date with Ashton Kutcher.  I know it’s all due to the fact that I’m looking into a new camera, and Ashton is the new face of Nikon apparently.  So I’ve been seeing Ashton’s face a lot, and it really doesn’t take much for me to come up with a wacky dream based on something I saw.

And my husband had told me about a silly dream of his, I so just replied with mine.  It hadn’t meant anything to me.

Nate, on the other hand, looked at me skeptically for a moment, wondering why I didn’t just dream about camera’s if I was looking into so many Nikon reviews.

But I assured him, “Ashton was the man in a silly dream I had.  You’re THE man OF my dreams.”

I know, I’m so deep.

It’s funny how easily a silly situation can turn into something more.  It’s not funny when you realize how easily that silly situation can make someone you love feel insecure.

Communicate.  Talk about it.

Don’t hold it in and try to be the brave, strong one.  And if your special someone tells you that they feel insecure about something, don’t laugh it off because it seems minor to you.  Make sure they know they can trust you.

Insecure feelings aren’t to be laughed at.  But if you can talk about it and see the silly situation for what it is, you just might end up laughing about it together.

Nate and I did!  🙂

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5 Responses to Egg Nog, Girls, And Ashton Kutcher

  1. Rob Rubin says:

    My wife knows that Id choose imitation eggnog over hot young sexy girls any day of the week.

    Rob, The Mainland

  2. The fact that he was clueless about what happened is just another reason why Nate is awesome because it means that he’s so secure in relationship with you that he doesn’t have to validate his hotness by seeking out compliments from random strangers. He’s not looking for it so he doesn’t notice it.

    …or perhaps he just likes eggnog so much he can’t keep his mind off of it. In which case, still awesome.

  3. Homestead Ramblings says:

    You are absolutely right on, most men aren’t aware of how women’s emotions run, and they all need a little coaxing (training) in order to make a very important part of marriage run smooth. OH, and I tried a little egg nog in my french toast batter last night, yum.

  4. my husband is oblivious too…but never jealous…and i wouldn’t want it any other way. My ex would DEF know that girls would check him out…AND…well it ended. insecurities are the worse my friend.

  5. Haha!! This entry made me grin, although you are very correct in saying that talking over insecurities is very important for relationships. They can grow and grow and become too big to easily overcome if not dealt with properly. But I did smile at the whole Nate/teenage girls/oblivious picture that I had in my head. 😉

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