Cabbage… it was supposed to be dinner

When I think about cabbage, my mind usually wanders to my first cabbage patch doll.  She had silky, red hair and came with a bright, yellow dress that reminded me of bananas.  I named her Penelope; and out of all my dolls, she was my favorite.

Apparently, I should have stuck with this memory.

But last night, I decided that cabbage is also a vegetable that should be introduced to my kitchen.  So I found a recipe for cabbage casserole that promised to be quick, easy, healthy, and delicious.

Unfortunately, all but the last point were true.  I don’t think my cooking has ever made Nate shudder before, and I don’t hope to see it happen again anytime soon.  It was so dramatic, that I was concerned his face might freeze that way.

Even Highstreet (who was naughty and jumped on the kitchen table to sneak a taste) promptly expressed his feelings for the goulash.

Thankfully there’s an amazing Greek pizza restaurant not far away from our house that came to our rescue.  (I wasn’t in the mood for cabbage anyway).

(And, yes, I am fully aware of the fact that there is a large black cat sitting on my dining room table… although I didn’t realize it until I saw the the photo afterward.  Really, he does know better.  He just wanted to be in the pictures, apparently).

And whatever Highstreet wants, he usually gets; since he’s taking over the house anyway.  😉

But naughty cats aside, I’m happy to report that Nate’s face has gone back to normal.

That is, until he finds out how much money I spent on Christmas decorations…

Just kidding!!!!  🙂

We’re sticking to what we have (with the addition of some candles for the windows) and waiting for after-Christmas sales. Still, it’s super cozy in here, and I can’t wait to show you pics!

Yep, just another typical evening in the B household.  🙂

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4 Responses to Cabbage… it was supposed to be dinner

  1. Alexandra says:

    Haha I love your cat’s expression towards the cabbage!! Thank God for pizza delivery guys, eh? 🙂

  2. Sarah says:

    Haha…Highstreet is hilarious.

    And I’m sorry your cabbage casserole didn’t turn out! I hate when that happens, especially after all that hard work!

  3. What was the recipe? I definitely want to avoid making it.
    I love cabbage. Usually my go-to cabbage recipe is colcannon because matt is a big fan (it’s basically mashed potatoes with cabbage and leeks and onions in it, if you’ve never heard of it), but there is also a really good one in the cookbook Supernatural Every Day made with beans and potatoes (this). Also I just made this cabbage and peas dish on Monday (and the cottage pie as well) and it was a big hit with Matt.

    • Nicole says:

      It was a recipe I found in a magazine, called Unstuffed Cabbage. Basically, you had to make homemade meatballs and then a tomato sauce for the cabbage, and it was supposed to taste like cabbage casserole… but be a new twist on it. shudder. It was SO bad!

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