Christmas 2011 — the very quick recap

I’m not entirely sure when it first started, but for as long as I can remember, I have played Santa on Christmas morning.  My mom and dad sit on the couch, as they sip on their mugs of hot coffee.  Matthew and Sarah find a comfortable spot on the couch or floor.  (This year, we were joined by Matthew’s girlfriend Kelsey).

And I pass out the gifts before we eat a delicious, holiday breakfast.

I’m not sure if it’s because I’m really good at passing out gifts… or if it’s because I’m the one who most resembles Santa. Either way, it’s a tradition that I love.

Speaking of traditions, Mom filled our stockings to the brim this year.  Who cares that I’m almost 30 years old and married!

Lindt chocolate?  Oh, yeah, I’m happy!

Another Christmas tradition seems to be forgetting to pull out the camera during Christmas dinner with the family.  😉

As usual, my sister and I didn’t take enough pictures of the festivities.  We basically only have pictures of food.  And of me holding up food… which is kind of becoming a tradition.

(I’m at least starting to earn myself a reputation of the girl who always has food in the picture with her).

Yeah, you’re right.  There’s nothing wrong with that… especially when one is holding up a successful batch of dinner rolls that were baked fresh for the in-laws Christmas dinner.

(I won’t lie, I’m slightly proud of myself.  And relieved that God answered all those prayers I was sending up as I baked them).  🙂

Apparently the rolls weren’t enough of a challenge this year, however, so I decided to bake a three-layer lemon cake with candied lemons to go with Christmas Eve dinner.

Yes, there is a reason why I had a headache by the end of Christmas…  And why my kitchen looks like a flour bomb landed on a bakery.

But in all honesty, despite the baking challenges and the craziness that comes with any holiday that requires gift-wrapping, Christmas was perfect this year.  I love how it brings family together.  How we all sit together and enjoy a delicious dinner… and then we play games and laugh until our sides ache.

It’s tradition.  And there’s nothing I would change about it.

I’d even do all that stressful baking again, even if it did drive me to the bottle…

Don’t worry, that’s just orange juice.  I quit the hard stuff a long time ago.

Dt. Coke had, after all, bothered my stomache.

How was your Christmas — or holiday — this year?

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6 Responses to Christmas 2011 — the very quick recap

  1. Sarah says:

    It was such a lovely Christmas. Honestly, I think it was one of my favorites. I savored every bit of it. 😀

    And you’re so gorgeous as always. 😀

  2. jelillie says:

    Christmas was wonderful this year. Thanks for asking! You look nothing like Santa and I am glad that my blessing over your second batch worked! I think that about covers everything. Happy NEw Year Nicole!

  3. livvy30 says:

    Stockings with Lindt are a must! I’ve one in our house and one at my parents’!

  4. Our Christmas was full of family and love. Thank you for asking! It also lasted several days, and won’t actually be finished until New Years Day for our kids and grandkids. (We’ll be in Florida by then!)

  5. THREE LAYER CAKE. you are crazy…in a good way!! BTW those rolls look like the rolls I had for xmas. Love your hair straight! Glad you had a great xmas!

  6. I’ve never had a stocking, is that weird?
    Did you get anything awesome for Christmas this year?

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