Making Time for Play-Time

For the first time ever, Nate and I decided to make joint resolutions for the new year.  You know, resolutions that we could hold each other accountable for. And resolutions that we could work on as a team.  Resolutions to pay off as much of my school loan and as much of his car as possible, while trying to stash a bit of extra cash in the bank.

(Goodbye, Starbucks coffee, it was great being addicted to you).

Nate also announced that he was going to be a better husband.  To which I declared that I was pretty sure I needed someone to watch The Biggest Loser With.  You know, because I might get lonely if I have to watch it by myself.  And since I told him that this would indeed make him a better husband, he watched the first episode with me last night.

(I’m still convinced that he’s a closet fan anyway).  😉

Nate also announced that we need to make a better effort to hang out with friends this year.  We kind of let our busy schedules dictate our social life last year, and so our social life pretty much consisted of watching Jeapordy and eating chocolate covered prunes.

I kid!


Nate’s apparently concerned that we need to get out there and appreciate being in our twenties.  You know, while we’re still in our twenties.  (Although I know some people in their seventies who are totally living it up, so it’s never really too late to live like you’re in your twenties).  🙂  But I guess my Jeapordy watching days are over for now…

I was getting so good at it too.  🙂  (Anyone else out there willing to admit that they occasionally get sucked into that show?).

Actually, it will be good to see our friends a bit more, since most of them were even busier than we were last year.  So it’s been too long.  It’s time to set up some play-dates!

Do you have to make an effort to hang out with friends, because of your busy schedule?  Or do you have no problem balancing a career, chores, and your social life?

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4 Responses to Making Time for Play-Time

  1. Kelsey says:

    “getting out more” meaning coming to visit NH to see matt, ellum, and me???? (-; i hope so!!!

  2. sarahnsh says:

    Oh, my family loves watching Jeopardy! It’s so funny watching my brother and my mother watch it because they will start answering in a form of question and when their answer is wrong they say they meant to say that. It’s my favorite to watch it with them since they get so worked up about it!

  3. ohhh, we are guilty of this….

    We are so used to our routines that it does take a little extra effort to plan something outside of that routine to include friends. It’s much easier during the weekends, of course, but it still takes some forethought planning or the weekend will just sneak up on us, and then before we know it the month is gone. But when we do plan something, it’s always a blast!

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