Worry Won’t Do Any Good

Sometimes, I wish that I came with an ‘on’ and ‘off’ switch when it came to worry.  You know, I could worry when the time called for it, should such an occasion ever arise.  But I wouldn’t waste so many precious moments of my life worrying about things that actually turn out quite okay.  Most times, even better than okay.

Or maybe, better yet, it’d be a ‘clap-on’ and ‘clap-off’ kind of gadget.  You know, just to keep up with the times.

Yes, I’ve decided that would be nice.

But apparently, since we humans weren’t created with robot-like switches, God decided to give me the next best thing.  I married a man who has nerves of steel.  Actually, I’m not even sure if he has nerves.  He is that calm.  I, on the other hand, am quite the expert at running through the house, screaming, and pulling out my hair.

Like last night… One of my cats found a small, jiggling packet on the kitchen table, and decided that it would be fun to carry it off in his mouth and leave it in some undesignated location.  The situation may have been cute had that jiggly package not been my birth control.

“I cannot get pregnant because my cat stole my pills,”I fumed, imagining my future child finding out that his existance was made possible thanks to our cat’s ability to play hide-and-seek.

Long story short, I ranted and raved and panicked.  And Nate calmly helped me search… and then helped me calmly come to the conclusion that a trip to the pharmacy in the morning would solve the problem.  And all would be well.

And all will be well.  As usual.

I just guess I’m still learning how to stay calm in the circumstance, rather than letting the circumstance rule me.  🙂  What can I say, I’m a work in progress.

And so is my cat, I’m thinking.  Because how many times have I told him not to jump on the kitchen table?

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7 Responses to Worry Won’t Do Any Good

  1. It would be so nice to have an “on” and “off” switch to worrying! I would find it most particularly useful before going to bed and ensuring a good night’s rest free of crazy dreams about my growing to-do list. Great story about the cat, too 🙂

  2. morezennow says:

    I want that worry clapper too. My doctor thinks I’m bipolar since I can’t turn off the endless stream of thoughts when I lay down at night. “Hey doc, its called being a mom of 4 daughters, working in a high-pressure job, having a husband who thinks he’s also my kid, and trying to live!” Cats haven’t stolen anything vital yet but I’m sure they have a plan to drive me further along my path to certified crazed loon!

  3. Caitlyn says:

    Yes, and on and off switch would be nice! I also tend to get a bit “excited” about things that might not warrant such behavior. I like ot think it makes life more exciting for everyone else…watching me run around like a chicken without it’s head 🙂

  4. Sarah says:

    Oh goodness. I can so relate. I’m usually pretty calm, but it’s ironically the silly things that send me off. Like, I can be caught in a horrendous traffic jam or be turned down for a job or break something really special and be absolutely fine. But then if I burn dinner or forget to pick something up at the store, I go off on some tangent about how unfair life can be and how my life is ruined…yada, yada, yada. Sigh.

    Love this post! It’s a good thing Stitch is cute. 😉

  5. sarahnsh says:

    I’m always the same in situations, I’m ranting, raving, running around in circles and my fiancee just calmly watches me (teases me a bit too) and helps me out with the situation. And, I say I normally have nerves of steel, until something works me up, then I’m just lost and acting like a fool.

  6. I’m surprised it wasn’t Hightower. He’d be smart enough to steal your pills if he was hoping for a little baby to play with.

    Sometimes I think that men in general are more calmer than women. At least every man in my life has been cool-headed and patient.
    I can only be the rational, patient person if no one else is. Otherwise, I’m a bit of a spaz.

  7. Hahaha! Oh goodness, that story is hilarious! Your cat obviously wants a new baby in the house to have a friend to play with. 😉

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