Fitness Friday: Taking the Day Off

Well, I’m glad that’s done.

I’m not going to lie, getting a colonoscopy is rough.  It’s not the procedure itself that’s so horrible as much as the prep is.  Oh, heavens, that is rough.  That and the fact that I didn’t respond well to the medication at the hospital, so I got quite sick in the recovery room.

I still got my raisin bread and chocolate in the end though.  Heh, heh.

When I was finally alert enough to leave the hospital, a nurse helped me walk to the car where Nate was waiting.  She whispered to me, “You’ve been through a lot.  I’m going to tell him that you need a week off.”  So when Nate opened the door for us, she promptly declared, “She needs at least a week off to recover.”

Of course, Nate was his usual self and replied, “How about I give her a month off?”

I think the nurse’s mouth may have dropped a bit, because Nate said it so earnestly without the least bit of sarcasm.

“That’s my hubby,” I said, grinning.  I also added that I wanted to take a vacation in the waiting room since it was tropical themed and would be cheaper than flying to Hawaii.

I’m a real comedian when I’m half-conscious.

But it’s over, thank goodness, and I honestly would go through it all over again if necessary.  You can’t put a price-tag on peace of mind, and the results — so far — look good. My GI doctor didn’t find anything wrong, and now we’re just waiting for the biopsy to come back.

As for me, I’m completely exhausted, and I feel that it may be a very long day at work.  I’m just going to focus on getting some food in me, and tonight… Well…  My exercise is going to be reclining on the couch and watching some TV.

Because sometimes, the best exercise for your body is REST!  🙂

Happy Friday!

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6 Responses to Fitness Friday: Taking the Day Off

  1. Sarah says:

    Yes, resting is a must! Especially when your body needs food and recovery, as in this situation. 😉

    Feel better!!

  2. livvy30 says:

    At least it’s over. My Mum had one on Monday. I made her scrambled eggs later on in the day and she’s been telling everyone how they were the best she’d ever tasted. I think it was the drugs talking! Enjoy your rest. 🙂

  3. I’m glad things are looking good so far. I hope you get a lot of rest and feel better. 🙂

  4. Krista says:

    You sound like a trooper, I wouldn’t have handled it half so well, I think! Rest up and recover, glad to hear that the results were favorable so far. 🙂

  5. allieksmith says:

    I’m sorry it was so rough for you… at least Nate is a sweetie 🙂 feel better!

  6. sarahnsh says:

    Take it easy and don’t do anything too crazy! I hope you get to feeling better and enjoy your resting.

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