Recipe Card Wall Hangings… and new lights!

Well, the weekend is here, my friends!  Thank goodness, right??  🙂

So I’ve been excited to show you all a home decorating idea I came up with all by myself!!  (Yes, I’m a little proud.  What can I say, creative ideas don’t come to me very often).  Ha, ha.

For my bridal shower, my mom had asked guests to bring a recipe card with one of their favorite recipes.  It was a great idea because it’s not only a special keepsake from family and friends, but it’s also an amazing way to start off married life with a collection of tried and true recipes.

As I was browsing the recipes the other day, I came across a special recipe card.  It was a recipe for Drop Cookies, and it was from my Memere.  I held it for a moment, closed my eyes and imagined myself back in her kitchen with the smells of those cookies baking in the oven.  And I realized this wasn’t just a recipe card.  It was a memory.  A memory I wanted to be reminded of every single day.

And so I decided to not put that recipe back in its recipe box…  And instead, I found a frame on clearance at Pier One and hung up that recipe card, along with a recipe from my mom and a recipe from Nate’s grandmother.

It was the easiest project ever, because all it required was a couple of frames and these special recipe cards.  But it’s amazing how proud I am of the end result.  I think it’s because I see it and realize that future children will see that on a daily basis and be reminded of some very incredible women.

In addition to my hanging up the frames on a once-empty wall, Nate was able to hang up two of the light fixtures!!!

So we now have a new light hanging over the kitchen island…

… and a new light in our dining room!!  (The light in our dining room is a bit nice for our kitchen table though, so I need to invest in a cute table-cloth for now.  And in the future, we’ll probably buy a kitchen table / chairs with darker wood).

Still lots to do, but we’re getting there!  🙂

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5 Responses to Recipe Card Wall Hangings… and new lights!

  1. Sarah says:

    I love it all so much! And the recipe card from Memere made me teary eyed…in a good way. That is such a wonderful idea!

  2. I love the light fixtures, and what a sweet way to display recipes! I love how you chose ones that have meanings behind them. Great idea!

  3. sarahnsh says:

    I think that it’s a great idea to frame that recipe card especially since it’s such a strong, positive, and happy memory and is something for your kids to see too. I also love the light fixtures, they are looking great!

  4. So sweet. My mom made a collage of photos of my grandmother in the kitchen along with a couple of her recipes in her handwriting. It hangs in my kitchen and I love seeing it every time I’m cooking. 🙂

    Also, I know I said this before, but I love the new light fixtures!

  5. That’s a really good idea Nicole!

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