Just Laugh

Nate, waking up to the sound of something being dragged by our bed:  What in the world is that?

Me:  Oh, that’s just Highstreet dragging a fannypack.

Nate, rolling over to go back to bed:  Oh, okay.  Thanks.

I suppose most husbands would have wanted to know why in the world our large black cat was dragging things around the bedroom.  (And, wait, why do we own a fannypack again?).

But then again, Nate is not most husbands.  Here in our home, conversations that don’t make sense tend to be the norm.  So it’s all good, and you really just tend to go with the flow.

This week, however, has been particularly strange…unusual… maybe a tad bit hilarious.

Just a couple of days ago, I was at the grocery store purchasing three items: water, Gatorade, and deodorant.  The cashier — an older woman — looked at the items and then said suspiciously, “I DON’T want to know what you’re going to be doing.”

I paused a moment, quite puzzled, and then said, “Hmmm, I’m just…”

“NO!” she interrupted, holding up her hand to silence me.  “I don’t want to know!!”

I’m not quite sure what she thought I was going to be doing, other than going to the gym, but I’m pretty sure that I just don’t want to know.  So I quickly paid, just thankful that I hadn’t made a risqué purchase such as frozen meatballs or kleenex.

And then there was yesterday…  I made Nate call the manufacturer for my newly purchased sewing machine, because mine was missing its accessories kit. (And I know enough about sewing to realize that you can’t do much without a bobbin).

So Nate was on the phone forever, first on hold and then arguing with some random, rude dude about how his wife needs her accessory kit.  That’s when we found out that the kit was in the little compartment on the sewing machine… labeled ‘Accessories’.


Life.  You just have to go with it and laugh sometimes.

Side note:  The fanny pack was from when I used to bike ride all around town as a kid, and I wanted to put my penny candy money in it. My dad found it when he was cleaning out the basement and gave it to me for old time’s sake.  Just wanted to clarify that.  😉

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5 Responses to Just Laugh

  1. In your defense, accessory kits ARE hidden on most machines, even if they are labeled. I had a fanny pack when I was little..no idea where that is now.

  2. vimandvigour says:

    Thanks for the chuckle…I recently had an experience like your sewing machine one-I can relate! ^.^

  3. Oh fanny packs. The thing that is so incredibly useful and handy, and yet it has been shunned for being so anti-fashion….haha.

    Love this post! 😀

  4. Megan says:

    Thanks for the giggles. 🙂 They made for a good end to my day! Oh and I’m soooooo glad you included clarification on the fanny pack… I was a little worried there for a minute. 😉

  5. LOL…I can always use a chuckle!

    PS I still want to know what Highstreet was doing with the fanny pack!


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