Meatless Monday — A work in progress

A few months ago, my husband had commented that we should go vegetarian for a month.  And being the supportive, understanding wife that I am, I buckled over in laughter and rolled on the floor until my sides ached.

The end.

Or at least that was the end of that.  When I had wiped my laughter tears and had calmed down enough to actually breathe, I realized that he was serious.  So I gave him the honest answer of, “There is no way that I have enough recipes on hand for us to go vegetarian for a month.”

Well, unless starvation was also on the list. In which case I was pretty sure that we could be quite successful.

Eating less meat is a good goal to have, however, so I have decided to bring back Meatless Mondays.  If I can stay faithful to cooking a meatless dish once a week for a year, at the end of the year I will have more than enough recipes to attempt a meatless month.

It’s kind of like a Meatless Challenge that I’m slowly working my way up to.

Well, last night was my first Meatless Monday in awhile, and since my ingredient options were limited this time, I served pasta with spaghetti sauce.

Spaghetti is a staple in my home and definitely a cheater’s way to begin a Meatless Monday…  😉  And you would think that such a staple would have gone over well.  But I suppose the only problem is that my hubby couldn’t focus on anything but the ‘Less’ that came after ‘Meat’.

Meatless Monday.  Apparently, it’s a meat-and-potato-guy’s nightmare.

Nate asked, “Where’s the meat?” and then scrounged in the freezer until he found some frozen chicken nuggets that probably had a year’s worth of freezer burn on them.  But he cooked those up, ate them with the pasta, and declared it a wonderful meal.

I, on the other hand, think that this Meatless Monday plan is going to take some work.  🙂  Maybe I should change the name to Veggie-full Monday? Maybe that will be easier to handle?

Have you ever tried to be a vegetarian?  Do you serve meatless meals in order to cut back on meat?

(Yes, I shall be blogging about the successes… and about the flops of my vegetarian cooking attempts.  Hang on… It’s going to be a bumpy ride).  😉

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10 Responses to Meatless Monday — A work in progress

  1. We’ve made a few meatless meals with some success. Sometimes it’s simple like a potato night. Check out for some good recipes. I tried her artichoke tomato pasta sauce and it was pretty delicious (it also makes a LOT of pasta sauce…we never actually finished it all because i just don’t eat that much pasta in a week). I know she has a section that is just vegetarian, and her recipes have never gone wrong for us. 🙂 Plus her ingredients are not crazy expensive either.

    Good luck! I look forward to seeing how this goes!

  2. jelillie says:

    I have started making your sister’s vegetarian soup once a week. I am trying different veggies in it! So far I have not found a taste change I didn’t like. The staff here at the church loves it!

  3. Meatless Monday is a great idea! I’m convinced that the best way to go about this is to focus on the meals that are already delicious without meat (i.e., pizza with interesting/fun vegetable toppings, minestrone soup with grilled cheese sandwiches, veggie burgers with roasted vegetables on the side, etc.)

    I’ve heard some people prefer NOT to go entirely meatless, but they just like to cut the amount of meat they eat on any given day in half, and then they double the amount of veggies on their plate (hellllooooo, roasted brussels sprouts!!) It’s an easy switch that automatically drops the calories/fat but greatly increases nutrients.

    Let me know if you run across any “must have” vegetarian recipes! 😀

  4. Catherine says:

    Weird! My husband said almost the exact same thing as Nate the other day! That’s so crazy too because I’m the one who gets icked out by meat sometimes. We’ve been using a lot less meat in our meals recently, and I don’t miss it! Thankfully, Derek and I LOVE beans, and they’re a great substitute as far as nutrition goes.

    Also, your comment on my post about my apartment search this morning was the first thing I read when I woke up and it made me laugh so hard! I’m glad you’re in a safer place now 😉

  5. katesense says:

    I was a vegetarian for 6 years. I started eating meat again one day because I wanted nothing more than a hot dog. Since starting to eat meat again I feel better and healthier. But there’s nothing wrong with meatless mondays : )

  6. If my husband ever suggested that we go meatless for even a day, I would know he very likely needs immediate urgent care. Not even kidding. Every now and then we’ll have a meal without meat and every time he says the same thing, “Sweets, this is so good… though, I think it would be even better with some meat in it!” Cracks me up every time. Anyway, he and I balance each other out. I normally pick meat out of my food and put it on his plate. Not that I don’t like meat, just that I’d rather have carbs hands-down, haha! I am looking forward to hearing all about this process for you guys!

  7. allieksmith says:

    I was a vegetarian for about 6 months. I guess it just takes tome to get used to ;). I wish my boy would suggest to even just eat less meat haha. He loves his meat. It IS much cheaper. I lived off of split pea soup and lentil soup for a while 🙂

  8. Perhaps you can get Nate to commit to it just for Lent?
    I hardly make meat. Matt and I eat a lot of beans&rice/grains and veggie based stews.

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