The ‘Flirty with 30’ List

Scared of turning 30?  I’m not!  In fact, I want to embrace the journey there and experience as much as possible.  Here’s a list of some things I’d love to accomplish by June 11, 2013.  Some of them are silly, some expensive, and others are to benefit other people.  But it’s all about experiencing and appreciating new things.  And if I don’t accomplish them all?  It’s okay!  It’s all about loving life, being with family, and just enjoying the life we have.  But let’s see how much I can experience before then, shall we? 

1.  Attend a cooking class

2. Visit a spa

3.  Carve a pumpkin

4.  Pull an all-nighter

5.  Buy an icecream from an icecream truck

6.  Help someone else achieve something that’s on their own “life’s to-do list.”

7.  Go on a duck tour

8.  Show an elderly person I care

9.  Eat at The Hub in Boston  — Completed August 1, 2010. 

10.  Stay at a nice hotel in Boston (hey, a girl can dream!) — Completed October 2011

11.  Learn to sew (or at least make an effort)

12.  Finish the rough draft of my novel

13.  Take an Excel class

14.  Go on a horse-drawn carriage ride through Boston

15.  Learn cupcake decorating

16.  Learn the guitar

17.  Make homemade jam

18.  Visit Washington DC

19.  Grow a flower garden

20.  Build a snowman

21.  Make homemade icecream

22.  Go horseback riding

23.  Go on a sunset, dinner cruise

24.  Visit New York City

25.  Go to a nice restaurant just for dessert (I never have room otherwise)

26.  Try an icecream flavor that I never have before

27.  Run a 5k race

28.  Go camping

29.  Wrap a present that’s almost too pretty to open and give it to someone special

30.  Bake a homemade raisin bread for someone who needs encouragement

31.  Host a holiday dinner – Hosted Easter 2011

32.  Go on a sleigh ride

33.  Drive in a blizzard just to get hot chocolate

34.  Try something new at my favorite restaurant

35.  Take makeup lessons

36.  Make homemade pretzels

37.  Make homemade bagels

38.  Take a self defense class

39.  Create a piece of jewelry and wear it

40.  Try a new softserve icecream flavor

41.  Plan a themed dinner

42.  Ignore my own busy schedule to help someone in need

43.  Take an exercise class

44.  Take a train ride

45.  Do something that scares me

46.  Write a song

47.  Create a scrapbook

48.  Get something I wrote published

49.  Make a new friend

50.  Dance in the moonlight

51.  Try a fruit I never have before

52.  Eat a vegetable that I grew myself

53.  Completely finish decorating a room in the new house

54.  Completely finish decorating a room in the new house (#2)

55.  Learn how to keep house plants alive 😉

56.  Get back into shape

57.  Hike a 4,000 ft mountain in New Hampshire (after I get back into shape)

58.  Kidnap my husband and spoil him for the day

59.  Buy a living room set

60.  Work so hard in the office that I receive a compliment from the manager who never gives compliments (I know I can do it!)

61.  Take part in an awareness walk

62.  Bake cookies to make someone smile

63.  Send a card, just to let someone know I care

64.  Enjoy the simple moments of each and every day

17 Responses to The ‘Flirty with 30’ List

  1. love1025 says:

    i always read your blog through google reader and so I NEVER knew you had this list!! have you been able to scratch anything off this great list?

  2. myFOODevents says:

    Hey how did you add this tab to your wordpress blog? I JUST started my blog like 3 days ago and I wanted to add tabs (ie: recipes and such). Can you help me please? Happy Friday 🙂

    • thefuturestudent says:

      you can go to and it will tell you everything you need to know 😉 !! Good luck blogging !

  3. LKD says:


    I like your blog and your list. Good luck with everything on it! How are you progressing so far?

    I recently posted a list of my own, and see some similarities (your number 12!)

    Have fun getting things done!

  4. livvy30 says:

    I just turned 30 and have started a blog as it’s one of the things on my list! I had a to-do list for before turning 30 and now I’ve one for after! Have fun crossing things off 🙂

  5. I just found your blog. I like this list and it’s a great idea for a milestone birthday like 30. I am turning 30 next year, so my list will probably be shorter 🙂

  6. Jos says:

    Hey there just found your blog and love reading your 30 List. Hmm I’m already in my 30s…a bit too late to start my list..but maybe I should 🙂

  7. maggiemaes30 says:

    Love it! I had posted about THE LIST…. A list of bigger and more significant goals I wanted to have attained by 28 (which was several years ago). I decided I wasn’t going to let a list define my happiness; however this is the kind of list I can handle! Fun, interesting and full of life! Thank you for the post and best of luck on your list…Have FUN!

  8. Enjoyed reading through your list! I think I’m going to steal your idea to try something new at your favorite restaurant. My husband always teases me about getting the EXACT same thing every time we go to a steakhouse (down to the same sides and dressing on my salad, haha) so I’m gonna throw him for a loop at some point this year! 🙂

  9. Hmmm…great idea…I think I need a 2011 list and a before I turn 40 (in 4 years) list!

  10. Em says:

    You have never carved a pumpkin? Wow. I really should not say anything though. I just carved my first pumpkin this past Halloween. Your idea list was very neat, though. I like it.

  11. Bryce Davidson says:

    Wow hard to bolive how fast the time has gone I will be turning 28 in March, and it seems like there is still alot of things that I need to do. I think I might start a list my self . I will be turning 30 in 2013. I hope there will be a 2013 that would kind of stink if the world ended at the age of 29. Ha Ha! I am just kidding I am excited about turnig 30 but I think I need to focas on beaing 28 and 29 first. Good luck to all of you that are all ready there I will see you all there in 2 Years.

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  13. leo20091976 says:

    im going to be 35 now and turning 30 wasnt so bad

  14. lkbro says:

    Great list! I need to figure out the things I want to do before 30 – thanks for the inspiration.

  15. Dawn says:

    I have a “bucket list” and some of the items you have are on mine also. I need to update my list with a few of your ideas. Great list!

  16. Ann says:

    I hear thirty is the new 21 🙂
    (I still dream of riding an elephant … not sure how that’s gonna fly, but like you said “a girl can dream”!)

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