Too many pictures

You know you’re married to a blogger when you check the storage space on your wife’s hard drive and find out that she is one photo or two away from crashing her computer…

I tried to convince Nate that this near-tragedy was actually a good thing.  I mean, I’m taking more pictures than my computer can handle.  Doesn’t that make me official or something?

He, however, wasn’t quite as amused by the fact that too many pictures of me smiling, holding up food, and posing with our cats had caused my computer to run at the speed of a snail ‘racing’ across our front lawn.  Pretty much, there was no speed.  I mean, you could plant a small garden in the time it took me to load a picture onto WordPress.

So I was without a laptop over these past few days as my hubby diligently transferred all those pics onto a newly purchased drive.

But the end result was fantastic, as my computer runs much faster… and it’s just in time for me to begin working on my new blog!

Now I just need to figure out how to access that drive to upload photo’s.  And I suppose I should figure out how many photo’s it can hold before it becomes in danger of being too full.  😉

12 days until I move to my new blog!!  🙂  Super excited!

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1 Response to Too many pictures

  1. allieksmith says:

    How sweet of Nate to move your pictures around and help you out! Can’t wait for the new blog 🙂

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