Looking through my camera

It’s amazing how looking through the lens of a new camera can give you a fresh  perspective on life.

For example, I’m pretty sure that I don’t give my trash can enough credit for being as bright and cheery as it is.

It almost makes me want to write a post entitled Ode to Trashcan.  Well, almost.  But not quite…

And the red berries I pass every Sunday on my afternoon walk through the woods with Nate are so often over-looked.

And my little, yellow car….

Oh, who am I kidding?  I couldn’t over-look that thing even if I wanted to.

It’s amazing how we overlook so much color and beauty during the course of our day, mainly because it’s the familiar or the mundane… or maybe we’re just too busy to open our eyes.

Maybe we’re too busy to process… and see… and enjoy.  Too busy to ‘tiptoe through the tulips’ and actually notice them.

Too busy to sit down a moment and reflect.  (To be completely honest, in this pic, I’m reflecting on how bad my sister’s cat Humphrey’s breath really is.  But, hey, at least I’m reflecting).


It’s funny what a new camera can teach a person.

Life sure is beautiful!

What’s one beautiful thing that you noticed today, when you could have over-looked it?

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Camping Plans

So I will be jumping over to my new blog on Memorial Day weekend, and I must say that I am quite excited.   Loving Simple Momentshas served me well, but I’m looking forward to a fresh start and some fun new additions (including video, if all goes well).

(Yes, I’m quite aware of the fact that I look half-asleep in that picture.  But I can’t get over how adorable those tulips are, so I liked the pic anyway).

I’m also CRAZY excited that I’ll be taking pictures with a brand-new camera!!  🙂  It’s a birthday present from my husband, even though my special day isn’t until June. Long story short, I was complaining so much about my current camera that he was convinced I was just going to buy one…. when he already had bought one for me.  So he scolded me a bit for forcing his hand… and then gave me the gift early.  😉  It is AMAZING, and I cannot wait to learn about all of its features.

AND the new blog will be just in time for my upcoming camping trip in June, which I will — obviously — need to document in great detail.  Because I’m going camping in a tent.  Yeah, no-TV-or electricity-or-mattresses camping.

The real deal.  The I-need-to-walk-a-mile-to-use-the-bathroom-or-shower kind of experience.

I actually grew up camping with my family, so I’m not inexperienced when it comes to putting up a tent, using a camp-stove, starting a campfire…  or hiding in a sleeping bag when there are strange noises crunching in the leaves outside the tent.  But it’s been awhile since I’ve done it.  As in six years, at least.  As in, I’ve gotten used to sleeping in hotels with running water, beds, air conditioning, and walls.

Nate first suggested it several weeks ago when we realized that our Hawaii trip planned for early next year was sucking all of this year’s vacation money.  It looked like we might not be able to go away this year, except for our trip to the cabin in the fall.

But the thing about camping is that it’s cheap.  About $20 a night cheap.  That and the fact that Nate has been begging me for years to go camping with him.  So we booked a campsite, and that was that.

A camping we will go!  🙂

Have you ever gone tent camping?  Do you like it?

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Under Construction

No, it’s not winter in New England, despite my winter scene on the header of my blog.  😉  I apparently hit my quote for photo’s on the blog, so I’m rearranging a few things… and getting ready to jump over to my new blog. So bear with me, as things will be much nicer looking in a few days.  But for now, things could look a bit sketchy around here…  😉

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Where is the Flying Onion?!?

So I’ve been busy brainstorming for my new blog, which I’ll be jumping to quite soon.  It’s very exciting, I must say.  Sometimes, change is good.  (Like when the change is being inflicted on my blog, and so I therefore have all the control.  Mwahahahahaha).

But I have not been so lost in thought that I’ve missed a very important fact:  95% of you are dying to know where my sister is.  (The other 5% of you just haven’t discovered her blog yet and so therefore don’t realize that you’re subconsciously missing her).  😉

And so the question remains.  It haunts you.  Plagues you.  And fills my inbox and blog with questions of:  Where is Sarah from The Flying Onion?

I mean, there’s really no possibility that she’s still working on those apple-smothered pork chops that she last wrote about on March 1st.

The thing is that I can’t give you too much information, because she has so many exciting things going on in her life right now… that really it’s only fair that she be the one to share it.

So I can’t tell you that she and I recently took part in a cancer fundraiser for our cousin.  That we signed up for a 5k.  And that we’ll be walking in a Relay for Life in June.

I can’t tell you that she has a new, fuzzy friend in her life… and that his name is Humphrey… and that he has thick, white whiskers which make him look like a little, old man.  Because that would be too many details, for sure.  And I can’t tell you that she went from being unemployed to possibly juggling three jobs and that she might be working six days a week soon.  (I can tell you that Nate and I are thinking about asking her to support us).

Okay, fine, I’m just kidding about that last part.

Sooo, yeah, as you can see, there’s not really much I can tell you at this point.  I will say that she’s doing great, loving life, and she will be back to blogging soon.  She promised!

Miss Sarah’s blog posts?  Leave her a comment here and tell her how much you miss her.  🙂

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Yellow Sunshine

While I was busy at work yesterday, Nate spent his day off stuck in the bathroom.

No, he wasn’t sick…  He was busy playing with tape and yellow paint.

We had yet to paint one wall in our house as of yesterday, and the white walls were beginning to make us go cross-eyed.  So Nate decided to surprise me; and when I came home from work, he was nearly finished painting a cheery coat of yellow paint on the downstairs bathroom walls.

It’s amazing how the little room went from drab to fab in just a matter of a few hours.  Well, maybe not fab quite yet…  But it’s showing major progress.

Even Stitchy was a bit excited…  Maybe..

The only frustrating part of the evening was that it turns out there’s no support beam behind the sink, so the light we bought for the bathroom is too heavy and won’t hang properly.

(It also doesn’t match the new mirror we bought, so that’s two strikes against it).  But, hey, minor set-backs, and we’ll get a new light soon!

Hopefully I’ll find us some curtains over the next couple of days and then something to hang on the empty space above the toilet… And — wow — we’ll actually be done a room!

Feels good, my friends.  Real good!  🙂

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Subway, Dentures, and Me

I was recently fitted for a retainer that I’m supposed to wear at night, thanks to a dental exam that revealed I’m grinding my teeth in my sleep.

“Doesn’t your husband tell you that you grind your teeth?” the dentist asked, somewhat surprised that I hadn’t come in with concerns initiated by a husband who had to listen to my jaw grinding throughout the night.

I replied, “My husband could sleep through a fire alarm.  So, no, he never mentioned anything.  Next question.”

Now being fitted for a retainer isn’t the most glamorous procedure in the world.  It’s not like you’re stepping into a salon to be pampered and get your nails, hair, or face done.  Instead, you’re pushed into a chair that’s tilted just a bit too far back, stuffed with a soft clay that molds to your teeth before it’s removed, and then told to come back in a few weeks.  You know, your last few weeks of freedom.

And then, once you start wearing your shiny new contraption,  you get to sleep with your jaw halfway closed for the rest of your life and wake up talking like a fourteen-year-old who just got braces.  (Which is cute if you’re a fourteen-year-old who just got braces).

So, yeah, it’s really sexy, I guess is what I’m trying to say.  😉  I was even given a few packets of denture-cleaner to soak the retainer in once a month for cleaning purposes.  Those, I quickly stashed in my purse, feeling maybe a bit silly at having been given such an item.

Well, I was at Subway the other day with a friend…  (Nice transition, I know).  And as I reached into my purse to grab my wallet, I accidentally flung a packet of forgotten denture cleaner into the air and towards the guy standing in front of me.

I’m not sure what startled him more…  The fact that I was throwing things at him or the fact that I had denture cleaner in my purse.  Even my friend looked slightly shocked.  And then to top things off, I burst into laughter and pretty much rolled around on the floor in hysterics.  Which is when my friend took a few steps back and pretended to have come in alone.  😉

So, yeah… Moral of the story?  I’m not sure there is one…  But this was WAY too funny not to share.  🙂

Anything embarrassing, yet comical, happen to you lately?

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Different is Okay

At the leadership training that I recently attended with a few people from my church, I was introduced to some pretty in-depth insights into what makes people tick.  We studied personality traits and characteristics in an effort to understand people better, rather than judge them for their differences.

It was really interesting to see how we’re all wired differently and how we all react according to our personalities.

For example…

Nate was listed as a type ‘C’ person.  He’s the type of guy who wants facts, data, charts, and organization.  He thinks scientifically.  I, on the other hand, was listed as a type ‘I’ person.  I like to talk, persuade, support, encourage, and come up with ideas.  I couldn’t care less about the cold, hard facts.

So if you were to give me and my hubby a topic, we’d come at it from two different perspectives.  Neither of us would be wrong.  We’d just be different.

If the subject of conversation was the Sun, Nate would want to know how big it was, what gas it’s made up of, how far away it is, and then he’d probably put a chart together to portray what he had learned.  Meanwhile, I would just want to talk about how pretty it was and talk about how warm it feels on my face.

I’m sure this sounds like a small breakthrough, but it’s actually quite huge.  Sometimes, I irritate Nate when I just don’t care about the nitty-gritty details.  And sometimes, I get annoyed that Nate keeps asking question after question after question.

But the fact of the matter is that we’re just built differently.  Not wrong.  Just different.

So last night at Bible study, when Nate started to ask about the history of the church and wanted to know everything about each denomination, I fought the urge to roll my eyes.  Just because certain details don’t always matter to me, it doesn’t mean they’re not important.

Because together, we compliment where the other lacks.  And together, we will write a pretty amazing poem about the sun and all it’s amazing qualities.  😉

Together, we’re better!  🙂

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